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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 7, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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31 at reagan national. still cold at dulles, 26. 31 at bwi marshall. over the next few hours the temperatures will warm and we'll be well into the 40s. upper 40s and low 50s across the region. morning sunshine and afternoon clouds and mild for this time of year. we'll take it at 48 degrees for your daytime high. we'll have more details on the forecast and let you know when the rain comes in and gets out of here coming up next. allison? we continue to follow breaking news in downtown d.c. that sent a huge plume of smoke in the air. >> there was a fire at the natural history museum this morning. sarah simmons is live at the national mall with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. this is a much different scene than it was an hour ago. there are still roads shut down where we have at 7th and madison drive but if you look behind me this was the natural history museum. it is not the museum that caught on fire. we are talking about a building
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that is separate, a cooling tower where the fire broke out. and if you look at the video that we shot from this morning sh the massive, huge plume of smoke is impressive. and we talked with people that said they could see it on their drive in from virginia. and that's how large it was and very fighting around these -- frightening to see this. and we talked with a museum employee who was in her office and looked out her window and told us what she heard and saw. take a listen. >> i heard a bunch of commotion outside. noise like the guys outside usually do. but it went on for a while so i finally looked out the window and there is a big plume of black smoke and firefighters with hoses. >> reporter: what did you do? >> i went and told my boss and we stood there and watched it for a few minutes until the alarm went off. >> reporter: d.c. fire said they don't know the exact cause of the fire but were able to
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tell us there were maintenance workers in and around the area at the time the fire broke out. the area was evacuated. that woman said they were evacuated from their building and no injuries to report. but again the fire is still under investigation at this point. live on the national mall, sarah simmons back to you. >> sarah thank you very much. meanwhile we're watching another fire this morning. sky knox flew over this one in wheaton -- sky fox flew over this one in wheaton over the old wheaton plaza shopping mall. firefighters got the call an hour and a half ago for a fire at the texas barbecue and grill. that fire spread to the roof. no details on any injuries or anything like that. >> the green bay packers have
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won the superbowl. the green bay packers claim their forth superbowl title beating the steelers 31- 25. green bay steam rolled ahead up at one point by 18 points and pittsburgh made a game of it. the packers quarterback aaron rodgers was name mvp. he has officially put the ghost of brett favre behind him. >> i told ted back in 2005 he wouldn't be sorry with his pick. and i told him in '08 that i was going to repay their trust and get us this opportunity. >> aaron rodgers is our quarterback and brett favre was a great quarterback for the packers and he'll be a great packer for the rest of his life but this is about passing the torch from one quarterback to the next and aaron is off to a heck of a start.
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>> rodgers is 27 and that's the same age favre was when he won the only title for the packers. and hundreds of fans who bought tickets were turned away. stadium officials say the seats in the upper deck were not finished being installed by game time and they were deemed unsafe. it was truly heartbreaking for fans who came from all over the country to see the big game. >> we're not getting into the game. our seats won't work. so now we have to stand in this line here and wait to see or hear what the nfl is going to tell us to do so that and we probably won't even see the game. we've traveled and spent a lot of money here and we can't even see the game. and it's not our fault. >> about 800 fans were reelected to other seats but around 400 of them had to watch on stadium monitors. now they were refunded triple the amount of their tech -- tickets. nfl will conduct a full review
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of the situation and they should. there were hits and misses on the field and on commercial break. so who got their money's worth for spending big bucks on some of the most expensive tv time around. joining us now is advertising and marketing expert chris lester, principal with rock creek strategic marketing. good to see you. this is fun, to review the ads. you read different polls and people are voting during the game and it's very subjective. some people like some things, some like others. let's talk about what you like. first overall, how do you think they were overall through the night? >> i thought they were great this year. it was a fantastic game. and there was no shortage of babies, sex appeal, animals, physical humor and magical journeys and the stuff that makes for great advertising and stuff that this audience has come to expect. >> i watched the game with my 7- year-old fun he loved the physical humor. some of the spots were a little rough for a 7-year-old, there
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was swearing in one spot and talking about racks and all of that kind of stuff so that was tough. let's go through the ones that you liked. let's start with -- i think one most people can agree on, the volkswagen ad with the boy dressed up as darth vader. let's show it now. this one is really cute and if you have kids you can relate to it. >> and it hits the mark and it hits my demographic. and i have kids this age and i saw the original star wars. and then connecting me to this brand in a much more powerful way. and it was imagetive and funny. >> and it's touching, what the dad is doing there. we liked this one. and are we going to give it away and show the whole thing. everyone saw it last night. let's talk about audi. the money that must have been spent on this commercial with the sets and everything, pretty
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impressive. >> well and the ads are becoming much more cinematic and that is due to the fact that everyone has large, high def televisions. >> a break from a luxury prison. very cleverly done. and i have to say, i didn't see it coming. i didn't know what the ad was for initially. >> is it effective? do you like it. >> it's a comparison ad. typically comparison ads, the one being compared to is the leader in the audience mind because they -- to compare on the ad. it's comparing itself from the personal perspective. and it's basically telling us
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that mercedes is the elitest position is over from the past. >> it's a set-up. and coca-cola score high every year. i don't know how many ads they had. it didn't seem like a lot. but this one, the border crossing, it seemed like it lasted a while. >> i thought it was beautiful. beautifully shot and the pace was -- it felt like -- it felt so slow that it sort of wrapped you into it and you were waiting for this plot line to play out. and i thought that it was a very simple -- this is really a continuation of buy a coke from the 70s, that coke can bring the world happiness and cross all of these deep divides. >> i want to show an ad that you picked that i have to disagree on. doritos, they had several funny ads. one of the first ones that ran -- can we show it?
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the guy liking the other guys finger. you like this one? >> i think it's very effective. it makes you so uncomfortable -- >> yes, it does. [ laughter ] >> that's just wrong. >> but it's so completely wrong but it effects you on a physical level where many of the ads are effecting you on an intellectual level. and this one affects you physically and you feel it differently and you think about it differently and responded differently and it's very memorable. >> it is memorable, but i don't know if for the right reasons. we have a lot of the ads on our website at chris, good to see you again. >> it's a great pleasure. >> we'll see you again soon. before the superbowl fox news had bill o'reilly sit down with president barack obama. they spoke on the crisis in egypt and health care reform and the president's popularity. and even though he said he doesn't know what mubarak plans to do, the country will not be the same in the future.
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>> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom, they want free and fair elections, they want a representative government, they want a responsive government and so what we've said is you have to start a transition now and they don't know you. >> president obama said it's important not to say that our only two options are the muslim brotherhood or to suppress the egyptian people. and he will continue today to make peace with big business by giving a speech. he will say that washington and businesses work together and that includes investing and hiring in the united states. now to the crisis in egypt. we're getting more video from central cairo. thousands of protestors are still occupying liberation square today. even after egypt's vice
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president made history yesterday by sitting down with opposition leaders, including the muslim brotherhood. the protestors are projecting the -- are rejecting the talks and say they won't leave until mubarak does. bank atm's are open for the first time since the protests started two weeks ago. and we also heard that a google employee who took part of the protest will be released today. and the company has pulled the plug on the sales of the iphone and we'll tell you why. and we're asking the vet this morning. we'll take your questions to the expert. we'll be back with that in just a moment. keep it here for more. it is 9:11. 
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it was a record-setter for verizon. preorders for the i phone were so popular they had to stop
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taking them 3 hours after they started. verizon has not released numbers but said no device release has gone so well. they are a part of our lives but they can't tell us what something is wrong. >> and i hate that. so we are helping you get to the bottom of some pet issues this morning with the help of annie yu. good morning. >> good morning. we have a good variety of questions from our facebook fans and joining us to tackle these questions is dr. ashley hughes from friendship hospital for animals. good morning. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> the first one is common but it's an important reminder and it's from tawana and asks is it unhealthy for my yorkie to eat table food. and that can apply to any dog. >> it's not unhealthy. table food is considered treats. so if you are only feeding your
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dog table food it's unhealthy. if they get a piece of chicken here and there or a raw carrot, that's fine. but don't feed them only table food because they are not getting a nutritionally balanced meal. >> and what are some foods to not feed your pets. >> grapes, raisins, onion, garlic, macadamia nuts and sugarless gum. >> and what about chocolate. >> yes. >> and that one sticks out. the second one is good. it's kind of unique though. it's from nicole who asks i took my 25-year-old cocka teal to the vet because he was scratching and hollering and they treated him with 14 days of antibiotics and artificial tears and now he is losing faith -- feathers and had a can i do to stop this. >> whatever is wrong with her
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bird isn't bacteria because it's not responding to the antibiotics so take him to the vet for another look at him. >> and jane said i had a superactive cat and was kind of a rescue. he just showed up on the doorstep one year ago and he's insane. he does scratch the furniture and play with the blinds but chews on everything. things like wires, wood, the piano and what can i do to stop this behavior. it sounds like he has dog in him. >> cats need mental stimulation. make sure you give him something positive to scratch on. get a laser pointer and have him chase it around the house. make sure he has enough toys. they need stuff to play with. you can think about getting another cat for him to play with. >> this is pretty common? >> it is. in young cats. some cats are just coach potatoes and do nothing but lie around but there are others that are more active.
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they have treat balls where you can put food in them. >> that's good. and now on to some fun things. coming up in aprilure doing something fun with your 7-month- old frankie here? >> so this is frank. he's a 7-month-old labradoodle and he and i are walking the runway at fashion for paws which is an event that benefits the washington humane society. and frank is very excited about it. the washington humane society does some amazing things for our community. they help all of the abused, neglected and homeless animals for the district. so it's a great organization. and frank and i need your help to raise money to walk down the runway. and folks can log on to the website for more information. and you can see the event details. >> and before we go we have to give a shout out to our of the bailey. where is bailey? there he is. and bailey is truly part of the
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family. he is sitting there in a doggy baby walker. and thank you for sending that in. so we just want to remind our viewers to log on to for all of the information we talked about today. and also upload your pet photos and who knows maybe your pet will be chosen next week to be on our pet segment. back to you. >> anne, thank you so much. and today is the 11th annual hiv awareness day. it's to encourage those to get tested, treated and get involved with education and awareness. african-americans have the highest rates of hiv infection in the united states. this year also marked the 30th anniversary of the first report of aids here in the u.s. a brothel bust in northwest d.c. we'll tell you what happened. about a dozen people are now sitting in jail. we'll explain that to you.
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and holly is talking weather this morning. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. and if you are going to talk weather, better to talk it with people who know it best. we are live at noaa as they celebrate heritage week this week and they will do it with a new experiment and you'll learn how the work they do here effects you each and every day. might even effect the next meal you eat. we'll explain it all live later. first here is a look at today's black history trivia question. the question is where did dr. martin luther king, jr., get his doctorate? was it howard university, boston university, moore house college or harvard? take a guess on our facebook page. we'll be back. don't go anywhere. it is 9:20. mr. perdue!
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welcome back. d.c. police say they busted a
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brothel in an apartment in northwest d.c. and arrested 15 people over the weekend. it's on george avenue north of columbia road. detectives served a warrant on the building and charged two people with operating a prostitution ring. other 13 are either facing solicitation or prostitution charges. the owner of the building tells us he never saw anything unusual going on in the apartment. disturbing news for one anne arundel county neighborhood. one of the neighbors is accused of being a peeping tom burglar. police arrested 35-year-old charles dean caught with videos of unsuspected women who were nude or partially nude. investigators caught up with him after someone reported him seeing him inside in a vehicle in a gauge. he may have been preying on his targets as much as 3 years ago. he is being held without bond. the public is invited to sound off on a hearing on how
9:25 am
district leaders reacted to last month's snowstorm. tommy wells scheduled the round table to get a better idea of what lessons can be learned from the storm. she is never short of an opinion and that's what has made her show swift justice a success. host nancy grace joins us live next to talk about her show and weigh in on a few local cases. plus things are looking pretty nice out there right now. that may not last. tucker is up next. he has the forecast. don't go anywhere.
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it should be green. okay. hi, i'm joe kennedy, and i want you to meet a friend of mine, courtney. courtney's mom, elaine, had to quit work to care for her sick daughter, who's been fighting leukemia for half of her short life. there are millions of families like courtney's, who are having a tough time making it these days. folks can't pay their bills, and staying warm just isn't possible. let us remember, at this particular time, that kindness counts and that there's still room for a gentle response to those in need.
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so i want to thank the people of venezuela and citgo petroleum for their generosity. we'll have our differences, but they were the only country, and the only oil company, to answer our call to provide heating assistance to the poor. if you need help staying warm, give me a call at citizens energy, at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold. all right. here is a look at what is happening outside right now. >> it's nice. >> that voice you're doing. >> it's the anchor man voice, it's the geico voice. >> it's the i-stayed-up-too- late voice. >> and it's almost over but not before tucker gives us the
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forecast. >> and i'm looking forward to do thatting. it's nice out there as far as sunshine. and warmer temperatures. yesterday up near 50 and today again. so enjoy the afternoon temperatures because colder air is on the way and with it rain showers that will get in here tonight and clouds. clouds will move in later in afternoon. so the next couple of hours will be the nicest part of the day. clouds moving in and then as mentioned temperatures will be on the mild side again this afternoon. upper 40s and low 50s. rain arrives tonight. could mix with or briefly change to snow toward the end. don't think we'll get any accumulating snow as temperatures are going to be too warm today. the ground surface and pavement will be above and the air temperature overnight should above 32 for many parts of the area. reagan national 33 nowment that's good news. and 30 in baltimore. 28 at patuxent naval air station. 25 in frederick. 30 in hagerstown. these numbers will jump very quickly. we have milder air off to the south and west and morning
9:30 am
sunshine mixing in and that should spell good conditions by early afternoon. a couple of systems to watch, an area of low pressure off the carolina coast. that will slide off to our south and east and miss us. so we're not concerned with that. but out to the west, this will get in here and this will impact us later this afternoon and tonight. and you can see, it's widely scattered rain showers, even a little snow on the back side and as that moves on through during the overnight hours tonight and first part of tomorrow, we'll see some light rain showers and again perhaps mixing in with snow. what you will notice behind this front, much colder air. our high temperatures tomorrow will only top out in the mid to upper 30s and it will be nice and blustery around here with winds out of the west gusting to about 25 tomorrow. much colder air on the way. there is a live look at your satellite radar and you can see kind of a mix of some clear skies and some cloudiness just off to the north and west that are moving in. here is your forecast. morning sunshine and afternoon clouds. mild temperatures and 48 is your daytime high with winds out of the south and east at about 5 miles per hour. showers manufacture in tonight and again it should all be out
9:31 am
of here by the morning commute tomorrow. it could change to snow before ending. 33 degrees the overnight low. and your five-day forecast, tomorrow blustery, afternoon sunshine, highs in the upper 30s. wednesday mid 30s and clouding up late in the day on thursday. a lot of questions with the coastal system. could bring usnea and could miss the area and stay to the south. so we'll keep you updates on that as we get closer. that's a look at the weather forecast. allison, over to you. well she has a successful show. she had one on headline news and one right here on fox 5. this morning tv host nancy grace joins us from new york city to talk about swift justice and a few local cases too. good morning, nancy, nice to see you. >> good morning allison. thank you for having me. >> i just have to add, we talked to you when the show first launched. are you having a good time and ho are the folks coming before
9:32 am
you responding to your form of justice? >> weapon typically one side avery happen -- is very happy and the other side not so happy. >> and they seem to listen. and i'm surprised when they take it and i love that about you. >> allison, they know what is coming. they know what they did,al right. they might have scammed everybody else but they're not scamming on swift justice. end of story. >> we in the business know february is a big ratings month. can you tell us some of the intriguing cases coming before you this month? >> oh, yes. we have quite a few. a lot of the cases stem from what happened here in the home, the workplace and the neighborhood. listen, allison, please don't sell or buy a used car with a relative. please don't do it or you'll end up on swift justice. and also please, no rottweilers in the home. just don't. >> and another one that surprises me is the cell phone.
9:33 am
i just added to them to my cell phone account. don't do it. >> i'm trying to cut back on the cell phone cases. because i think the point has been made. now i'm much more worried about the rottweilers. >> all right. and i love when you deal with parents and get to the basis of what might be ailing them. we don't just -- there is no pan you'll on how to be a good parent. >> you know what, the great thing about swift is that not only do i get to render a judgment immediately, we actually get to help people. people that are for instance downing in debt and end up doing countless bad loans to friends and employees and institutions. we can help them with consumer help, with straightening out their life. we can do drug counseling, marital counseling, family counseling to try to help people. not only deal with the issue they have in front of them where i render a ruling, but to help them not do it again.
9:34 am
>> right. >> and we have you here and we thought we would get your input on a couple of cases we've been reporting about. want to get your take on the murder of a teenage girl here, named lettisha fraser. body has never been found but missing since last august and police got a big break when her sister was taunted on facebook. i want to get your take on the social media aspect and how painful it probably is for lettisha's relatives? >> now as a crime victim myself, at least i had the peace of knowing what had happened to my fiance when he was murdered shortly before our wedding. but in this case, the family has no idea what really happened to latisha, nor where her body is. i can say this much, thanks to someone very vigilant, a lay person or a civilian, who heard this message, this taunt to the sister and said, hey, i know somebody who talks just like that. sure enough, that was him and
9:35 am
all of his cohorts, they were brazen in their attack on this young girl. who, i might add, is a mother of three and working at mcdonald's trying to get her life back together and now she's deaguarantee you, you get many co-defendants together, somebody will crack and we'll find her remains and may they all rot in hell. there. >> good. you say what no one else can say. so nancy you said that. let's talk about dan snyder. >> they beat her to death. a gang of girls and guys beat this 19-year-old mother to death. then tried their best to dismember her body and her family has no peace. so, yes, they are going to jail. i can't put it any plainer than that. >> do you have a word on dan snyder? he is suing the city paper here in washington, a case of
9:36 am
alleging libel. do you think he has a viable case? >> well what he's got at least is enough to go to a judge. and the judge can determine whether it will go to a jury or will it be thrown out on summary judgment. but i can tell you, what you have to show in libel or slander is that you are properly identified, he was. number two, that there -- are damages that hurt your reputation. and you have to decide did it really hurt his reputation? that's going to be a problem. he has to prove that before he can go any further. >> nancy grace has a successful show on headline news and here on fox 5 and you can catch swift justice on fox 5 at 2:00 p.m. thank you so much. >> thank you, allison. have a great day. thank you for having me. >> you too. any time. >> very good. >> i like to hear from her. >> and some people can just tell it like it is in plain and you can count on nancy grace for that. coming up, the face of news
9:37 am
on the internet is changing if a big way. we'll tell you what media mogele arriana huffington will be up to now. plus family and friends remember a president on what would have been his 100 birthday. first here is another look at today's black history trivia question. where did martin luther king, jr., get his doctorate? the answer is coming up just a little bit later. we'll be back right after the break. it's 9:37. 
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two americans accused of spying on iran entered not guilty pleas in a court this week. shane bower, josh fatal and sarah shourd were arrested on
9:41 am
the boarder in 2009. short entered a not guilty plea. she got sick in jail and was released in september. all three americans maintain they accidentally crossed into iran. a big shake-up in the online news world this morning. aol merging with the huffington post for $315 million. the huffington post has 25 million visitors every day and aol is hoping expand its advertising business. arriana huffington will be in charge of all content and named president and editor in chief of the huffington post media group. ronald reagan would have turned 100 yesterday. and there was a celebration at his library in california, simi valley. former first lady nancy reagan placed a wreath on his grave. others who spoke included actors and james baker. lee greenwood and the beach
9:42 am
boys performed for the crowd. well they keep a pulse on the world's weather. now a new exhibit at the national soshy andic and attic organization shows us how they do it and holly is there with a look at how they do it. and the grahamys are this weekend but before -- the grammies are this weekend but carolyn mala kai tells us about her nomination and performs for us live. you don't want to miss it. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain.
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but actually, it's easier than you think, because general mills big g line of cereals is america's number one source of whole grain at breakfast. there's whole grain in every box... ♪ ...from chex... to cheerios... to lucky charms. so you can get the whole grain you want with the taste you love. get started on the whole grain you're missing with your favorite big g cereals. make sure to look for the white check.
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thenationall oceanic, noaa, is having a heritage
9:46 am
week. >> reporter: this week they are celebrating heritage week in a lot of different ways. they have special programming going on this week and it's centered around this brand new exhibit space they have called gateway to noaa. and this is where you can learn about all that noaa does. it's important work that affects all of us each and every day. it is my pleasure to introduce you to kate known from the fisheries. and we're trying to touch on different sectors of noaa which is a lot because you do a lot. but let's talk about the important of the fisheries. >> i would like to show you this to start. enjoying our waterways an oceans is a key part of people learning about fisheries. and so noaa, the way noaa is involved with fisheries is through commercial fisheries and recreational fisheries and fish and shell fish farming. everybody has a good fish story. these guys up here, they caught the big one. so they have the picture to
9:47 am
prove it. >> reporter: not the one that got away. >> these aren't the even bigger fish. and noaa has a long tradition of being involved with marine fisheries. and in order to protect and conserve our fisheries we also have to protect and preserve other critters in the ocean as well. over here you see some monk seals, which are one of iowa's icon species. they are great critters. and turtles, everybody loves the turtle. and noaa has several laws that it helps enforce to protect these animals. and the key is sustainability. so let's walk over here and talk about sustainability about seafood. >> reporter: because that's a big buzzword if you go into restaurants and theme talk about sustainability. >> people want to know where the seafood comes from. we eight about 16,000 pounds of seafood each year. some of us much more than others. >> reporter: some of us should eat more than others.
9:48 am
>> it's heart-healthy. and this is our chef this morning making sushi rolls which are -- or a hand roll, with a little tuna and some rice. >> reporter: and when you think about sushi, it's amazing that we can eat this raw. and that speaks to the safe ty of the waters that they come from. >> that's right. the united states is very, very strict about seafood safety. and noaa plays a very big role in that. and so any ways, chef terry is doing some things here. we can go into the box and talk about what some of these things are. we have a little salmon, some tuna, some flounder and some shrimp and that crazy little thing is an octopus. >> reporter: do you often order the octopus? >> you know, i'll leave that up to you. >> reporter: i don't either. but i'll come over to terry because he is the chef and owner of taco grill in bethesda. and you're going to teach me how to do this? >> i'm going to teach you how to make the hand rolls.
9:49 am
>> reporter: okay. the hand roll in one minute. >> okay. do this and pick up this. >> reporter: some rice? okay. put it in the middle. okay. how long have you been a sushi chef? >> about 20 years. >> reporter: oh, is that all? okay. >> and wasabi. >> reporter: yes. a lot of wasabi. a lot of this for you, kate. and tuna. i just hold it and you do it. that works better. >> okay. and roll it up. >> reporter: and roll it up. >> nice and calm. nice and calm? >> yes, right. >> holly, you better keep your day job. >> reporter: how about that. will you hire me? >> yes. >> he doesn't know what he's saying. i'm just come to your restaurant.
9:50 am
but is our website. and we have a link no noaa so you can come and visit the new exhibit called gateway to noaa and we have a link to taco grill on wisconsin avenue to check out their sushi thanks to the work that noaa does. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. back to you in the studio. no matter what you are doing tomorrow we are willing to bet it isn't as interesting as the next guest has on her dale planner. carolyn malachi will attend the graham awards. she's nominated for best urban alternative performance but before that she's joining us here at fox 5. that's her e.p., lions and tigers and bears, oh, my. and also with us, james mckinney, producer and keyboard player. how did you find out you your nominated and you must have gone crazy? >> i did. i got a phone call very late in
9:51 am
the evening and i can say who called me, my brother here james mckinney gave me a call and james can attest to the fact that i cried like a toddler. and i cried for two minutes and then i stood up and i looked at my team and i said let's go and make this happen. >> and james you co-wrote this particular track. so i'm curious, do you know you have a shot at being nominated in does someone let you know in advance? >> i think my philosophy about making music is just to make it excellent all of the time and so i think just making excellent music takes care of itself and that's our aim with this record. >> carolyn when people write about you, they say it's hard to classify you. they compare you to jill scott and others. how do you classify what you do? >> i'm learning not to do that. i'm learning to let people go
9:52 am
to the website, karen and decide for themself. right now we're just concentrating on making great music and creating musical experiences for people. >> and tell us about the song. >>o ryan is a discussion between a mermaid and an astronaut. have you ever felt like you're talking to somebody they are in outer space. >> that has happened on the show. >> that is the gist of that story. >> well we wish you the best of luck at the grammies and now let's here a little bit of o'ryan. >> sure. [ music ] ♪ hey, space cowboy,
9:53 am
i want you in my interplanetary good vibe zone. ♪ space cowboy. ♪ don't be coy, space cowboy. ♪ i'm a dish you'll enjoy. ♪ at least i'll be when i get rid of these m open and tailed. ♪ you are stars in night. ♪ and just like you i like to stick to what i know, dear. ♪ feel the need to get me some sky. ♪ and just like you, i could
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use some variety oh,o ryan. ♪ i'm going to let go. ♪ trust and fly with you. ♪ oh,o ryan. ♪ let's go flying. ♪ if you can navigate through the milky way, meet me somewhere in the clouds. ♪ i don't want to be just another planet, no. ♪ i desire rings and moons and stars. ♪ pluto has no ocean. ♪ venus has no rain. ♪ do you plan on sustaining me if i fly with you. ♪ oh,o ryan.
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♪ i'm going to let go, trust and fly with you. ♪ oh,o ryan. ♪ let's go flying. ♪ if you can navigate through the milky way, meet me somewhere in the clouds. ♪ whoa-ho.  [ female announcer ] to get fresh-baked
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9:59 am
happening with -- i'm sorry, what? no, we have a full screen first. don't forget tonight -- >> they don't know what that means. >> tonight on fox, house. and then a brand new show coming on, chicago code comes on at 9:00 tonight right before the 10:00 news. should be a good show. >> yes. and chicago known for their deep dish pizza. and we have a special delivery now, i believe. hello. >> please, step in. >> is this the chicago code? >> is it chicago style pizza? >> wonderful. >> and that's what chicago is all about. so be sure to catch the chicago code tonight at 9:00 here after house. >> that's a good-looking pizza. >> give the forecast, i'll hold it for you. five-day forecast, 48 degrees and rain showers move in tonight. it will be out of here by early tomorrow morning and cold through the middle of the week. if you want snow, maybe wednesday night into thursday, big maybe, we could see snow developing off to the south and


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